Soup in General

The season is changing.  In some places there’s a chill in the air and our thoughts are beginning to turn to soup.  There are creamy, flavor rich soups that slide over your taste buds like a velvet hug; spicy soups guaranteed to warm and comfort you on a cold winter night; and hearty soups and stews, full of home-made goodness.  Soup is there just waiting for hunger to strike.  Ready to satisfy at lunch or dinner. 

Making Soup - Ink In The KitchenIn case you can’t tell, I like soup.  From the easy to the elaborate, cheap to expensive, there’s a soup recipe to fit any need.  Over the years, I’ve gathered quite a collection of soup recipes, from a wide variety of cultures.  I’ve stuck to the letter of the recipe on some and closed my eyes and thrown stuff in the soup pot on others.  I’ve tried soups, stews, chowders, gumbos, consommes and broths.  By any name, the end result has always been a satisfying bowl of good.    

So consider soup.  It can be a meal beginner, the meal or just a side.  Let’s start a “Got Soup” movement.


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