Who’s Contributing?

Chefs hat     Here is short bio on each of the inked up culinary contributors to this site.  Click on their names to find out a little about who’s got the measuring cup for your favorite recipe.

Regular Contributors




     Now this is not an exclusive club.  If you have a recipe, seasoning or cooking perspective you’d like to share, drop me a message below or contact us at InkInTheKitchen@gmail.com.  Everyone is welcome at Ink in the Kitchen (even people with virgin skin).  This is all about the satisfaction you feel having a tasty home-made meal, a good glass of wine and hopefully, good company to share it with.   The kitchen know’s no strangers.  We live.  We learn. We cook and we make mistakes.

Special thanks to our one time contributors:

Lee Miller

Dillon Zenobi

Add your name to the list as either a regular contributor, occasional or one time.  The more the merrier.


2 responses to “Who’s Contributing?

  1. Hey karen would love to join the site. just need to know how to post recipes to the blog, got alot. can help with setting the moods for meals as well. facebook me with more details k love yall an miss yall. talk to u soon

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